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Our Clients Love Us

So they’re happy to sing our praises.
Get to growing your business with Thryv, and join the choir.


One Stop Shop

“Thryv is probably one of the best things that Dex Media I think offers to us, because what it gives us is a way to manage and keep track of all of the campaigns that we have going on, we can schedule certain posts to Facebook and we can send out email newsletters… it just gives us a one stop shop for any advertising that we wanna do.”

Shawn Buis

Buis Roofing


Best Service Possible

“We continue to move more and more of our advertising dollars into [Dex Media] campaigns because the results are measurable, profitable and they’re real … I am getting the best service possible – not only do the folks I deal with at Dex Media do a great job for me, they seem to care about my business.”

Bruce Broadbent

Alpine Fireplaces

“After starting with Dex, last year was our best year ever and we greatly exceeded our goals. Dex brings in about 40% of our business, if not more!”

Amber Andres – Awnings Plus, LLC

Increasing Online Traffic

“In our office when a phone call comes in, the first question that we ask them is how did you hear about us. When someone says “I saw your website” or “I saw you on Facebook” we directly correlate that to Dex Media. I would definitely recommend Dex Media to other people, it’s been a huge asset to our business.”

Jordan Latapie

Stovall Marks Insurance


Driving Clicks and Revenue

“I strongly recommend Dex Media to any other small business right now who needs to increase their revenue, and who may not be that versed in online advertising – that can be shown the right way to run a website, to organize a website, and get those clicks coming to your small business to help you survive.”

Michael Pavlakos

East Coast Appraisal Service


Things Have Never Been Busier

“I would definitely recommend Dex to other people, just for the team that they form around me to make sure that my needs are taken care of. Because of the local presence they have that’s always available if you have questions or needs. And because of the expertise that they have, that they can suggest and recommend things to me that I probably wouldn’t have thought of on my own.”

Dr. Mike Mann

Michael Mann Dentistry


Proven Results Through Reporting

“It comes down to who you feel most comfortable with. We’ve been with Dex Media for a long time… at least 20 years. Bob Krout is my marketing consultant for Dex Media — Bob’s almost like he works for me, to be honest with ya. It’s almost like I have my own sales team.”

Steve Walters

Walters Environmental Services

"Our Thryv includes custom Facebook posts, which have increased our sales dramatically, and we’ve seen a big jump in traffic. We offer classes, and many more people now see our offerings on Facebook and sign up for them. Thryv provides a positive return on investment, and there’s really no comparison with other tools we’ve tried."

Doris Fisher, A Different Touch

Don’t settle for “business as usual.”

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